From Pen to Published - 12 week course starting Monday March 6

Write About Your Expertise and Your Story of How You Got There - Inspire Other Entrepreneurs!

 Make your investment back by selling author copies & use to coach, speak or teach from.

Tentative Launch Date is May 1st - You will become a bestselling author! 

Share with us your stories, tech tips, Power Skills & advice for the new and experienced entrepreneur.

Everyone can be a writer. It’s easier than you think!

2,000 to 3,000 Words! 

Both Men & Women are Invited to Participate!

Your short Chapter can be the outline for Your Longer Book

And Olivia Vo, Interviewer Extraordinaire, will Give You Your Own Interview About Your Portion of the Book!

She will make a pro 3 min scripted video message to be used for your Amazon Author page, YouTube & Social Media

Most collaboration books can cost from 2000.00 and up to even 7,000.00 or more to be part of.
We are only asking 1,497.00 for everything, including 12 weeks of writing and publishing instruction.

This is Training for a lifetime! 


  • Step-by-step guidance to writing your section of the book
  • Flushing out what to write and how to title it
  • You will have space to write up to 5,000 words
  • The book will be professionally edited
  • Support writing sessions will be available
  • A professional, enticing cover will be created for the book
  • Optional, your headshot will be on the cover
  • This will be a professional looking book in every way
  • You will sign up for your own author page on Amazon
  • You will learn & be exposed to self-publishing for future books
  • You will own your material for life & be able to sell this book
  • The paperback & eBook will be published on Amazonl
  • We will conduct an advertising campaign
  • We will ask you to help spread the word to your friends & list
  • We will have a book launch party on Zoom
  • This will be a book you can share as a published author
  • You will receive ten comp copies--6 by 9 paperbacks
  • You will be able to purchase at price all the books you want
  • Learn how to become a Best Seller on Amazon!
  • How to become a Best Seller on Amazon!
  • Access to exclusive Facebook support group
  • Inspiration, Inspiration and even more Inspiration!

Mila Johansen

The instructor, Mila Johansen, is a published author and has taught writing and publishing in many genres for the past twenty years.

Sign up TODAY or book a time to explore and ask questions:

She loves to make it easy for you and has already published several Anthologies along the lines of Chicken Soup for the Soul.
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Includes a comprehensive step-by-step workbook.
We will also show you exactly how to load a book onto Amazon's KDP publishing program.
And step-by-step how to achieve best seller status with an eBook!

You will write and complete your short Memoir for the first 6 weeks with instruction in a supportive community.
The 2nd two weeks will be dedicated to the ins and outs of the publishing and advertising process as we publish our book together. 

Pen on paper or fingers on keyboard—Let’s go!
Only 1,497.00 for 12 Weeks of Comprehensive Instruction

Mondays 10-12:00 Starting March 6th -  Pacific Standard Time

This is a great opportunity—sign up NOW!
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Did you know that you can easily become a Best Seller on Amazon?

It’s easy and we will show you how!
You don’t have to be perfect—we have editors!

And you will receive

* Lifetime access to all the recordings of the course
* One hour of one-on-one with the instructor
* PDF of Mila’s short book Promote Your Book
Mila provides concise and critical information that helped guide my writing partner and I through the publishing process. We are immensely grateful for her expertise.

~Marlene Fabian Stiles

Thanks for an amazing & super-helpful class! I can't believe how much I got done & I love the 21 Tips to Promote Your Book you included.

~ Christy Gurley

Mila makes learning FUN, and is experienced and knowledgeable about the publishing process!

~ Mariah Miller

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© Mila Johansen 2020